Our Board & Teachers

Valley has an effetive board of directors and teachers having clear understanding in respect of their roles and responisbility. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Shri Shashi Mohan Sharma


The best approach to solving a problem is often the simplest.

Smt.Pushpa Sharma

A good manager uses her power to provide other with what they need most, when they most need it

Dr.Aashish Gupta (MBBS,MD,M.Ch,DNB)


Identify the root causes of the problems and cure them before they occur and have a chance of becoming problems.

Nisha Shahi


Good Praise is timely, sincere and specific. It Focuses solely on the positive and is best when personally delivered.

Alka Tiyagi


Always seek the most direct route to the solution.

Simmi Sharma


If you want people to be more responsible. Give them more responsibility.

P Muthusamy

Art Teacher

“Art is self generating, subwords on inducement”

Rajinder prashad sharma


“Everytime something good happens to you make something good happen to someone else too.”

Harvinder kaur bedi

Junior Teacher

Each suggestion and the reaction to each sugestion can build trust.

Kanwaljeet Kaur

Junior Teacher

Take time to plan those things which are important to you and your group.

Mehak Kalra

Junior Teacher

Experiment with what might work better. You can always go back to what you were doing previously if it doesn’t work.

Salim Khan


Going beyond the call of duty and doing more than what others expect.

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