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Valley of kids, the play school in south Delhi, is an institution with a vision of bringing about productive result in the process of learning. Every drop of water makes an ocean. In the same way every efforts and extra knowledge leads to perfection.

This is what we are trying to achieve in our tuition classes where we aim at improving quality of education while ensuring a holistic developments of student and at the same time inculcating values in the modern scenario and changing technology.

A cheerful and enthusiastic environment is what your child is looking for and we know exactly how to her/him in understanding school curriculum. The entire focus of our tuition classes is to give them the extra edge over their regular performance which will harness their innate potential and result in progressive learning.

Personalized attention is what we give with the adoption of new technologies and new teaching methodology. Tuition from Class Ist to VIIIth Standard is available under the expert supervision of trained faculty which is committed to the cause of educations. Therefore, we assure you to productive result with every session, as you place your child in our tender care.


East of Kailash
New Delhi–110065

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