I welcome you to the valley of innocence, love, laughter and learning which are the four pillars of a playschool or a kindergarten. Education forms the foundation for the development of any society and schools, especially playschools play a vital role in this development process. At Valley of Kids we understand this responsibility well and try to create a conducive environment for the development of your children, who are full of promises and hopes. Valley of kids has grown over the years, celebrating childhood and nurturing the latent potential in your child.

Our vision at Valley of Kids, a renowned play school in South Delhi, is to ensure that in the process of teaching and learning, the childhood of your children is not lost. Our aim is not to establish ourselves as a traditional kindergarten with lots formalities, but to be there and support when the child is ready to learn the play way. With world-class infrastructure and ample amount of activities, your child’s wonderful energies are channelized positively which results in a wholesome personality development.

At Valley of Kids, which is considered the best play school in South Delhi, we look after your children with the help of a committed staff which acts as facilitator and friend rather than a teacher. At this renowned play school in South Delhi an excellent teacher pupil ratio and relationship is maintained. With children, Montessori based curriculum blended with necessary moral education is followed, giving your child ample opportunities for exploration, communication and experiential learning. We at Valley make sure you’re your child learns necessary life skills and enhances his/her self esteem.

Going hand in hand with parents, we at Valley strive to bring out the best in a child by accepting him/her as he/she is, motivating him/her for what he/she aspires to be and supporting him/her for what he wants to be.

We at Valley of Kids-which is one of the best play schools in South Delhi-are proud to offer a hygienic, safe and informal yet edifying atmosphere that stimulates creative expression, cognitive growth and skills required by the child to grow as a complete responsible citizen.

Valley of Kids welcomes all the children and embraces their innocence and individuality that makes our world so beautiful.

Mrs Savita Sharma

Director, Valley of Kids – Foundation for Future!